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Holi powder couples session {Dalton & Ruth}

Holi powder couples session| Gates, NY| Couples session

I put out a casting call for a couple to do a holi powder session, and Dalton and Ruth answered. I have seen a lot of photographers in the last couple of years doing the sessions and I really wanted to join in the fun! Holi is a spring festival they hold in India every year. You can read more about it here, if you are interested. Its become a really big trend in the United States, between 5k’s and couple sessions.

Holi power Couple session

We started out doing some more traditional couples portraits, so I could get to know Dalton a little bit. I’ve known Ruth for several years. Funny story about Ruth. She is NOT a forgettable person, she’s very sarcastic and funny. Yet it took my husband three times of meeting Ruth before he remembered having met her in the past, almost like that Geico commercial.

Holi power Couple session

Aren’t they adorable? Like, really really adorable? I love how easily they fit together. And how much they laughed during the session. Their love shines when they look at each other. Which is hysterical, because these two refused to admit they were dating until after our session together.

After we did a handful of “normal” couples poses at the barn near my home, we went back to my house and Ruth and Dalton changed for their holi powder throwing.

Couples holi powder session Rochester NY 3

I asked Ruth and Dalton about their experience during their session and what advice they would have for a couple booking a session with me.

Ruth said ” Have a few outfit choices and either bring them to your session, or text Melissa prior to the session to ask her what will look good on camera. She was easy to talk to and had a lot of recommendations for me and Dalton. Try to go to your session feeling relaxed and have fun! no matter what kind of session you are doing with Melissa..know that she won’t make you do anything you don’t want to. She is really laid back and open to suggestions, and has no problem telling you what to do if you are too nervous to think of any ideas. Once we got more comfortable with Melissa we thought of a few poses we wanted to do, and those are some of our favorite photographs from our session.”
Couples holi powder session Rochester NY 2

Ruth had some issues with her debit card and wasn’t able to order holi powder in time for her session, so they got creative. They ground up chalk in a coffee grinder. It worked beautifully and it is much cheaper than the Holi powder would be to ship from India! Couples holi powder session Rochester NY Couples holi powder session Rochester NY 4

We had so much fun during Ruth and Dalton’s session, as you can tell. I would love to do a holi powder session with me.  Contact me for more information on my current pricing and session fees.

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